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The Hewlett-Rand Advantage

  • We supply only the highest grade graphite
  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Affordable prices
  • Guaranteed same day deliveries on orders placed before 10:30am
  • Guaranteed next day deliveries on any order placed after 2:00pm
  • Support the Windsor community by dealing locally
Graphite EDM

Benefits Over Copper

  • High speed milling & machining up to 3 times faster than copper
  • High speed processing up to 5 times faster than copper
  • Can achieve complex geometric modeling
  • Lightweight, 1/4 the density of copper
  • Can be bundled into a combination of electrodes, reducing the number of individual electrodes needed
  • No deformation due to thermal expansion
  • No need for manual processing as graphite processing does not produce burrs

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